Swim Team Level Descriptions 


Ages 6 And Under

The focus within this age group is foundational and will primarily concentrates on freestyle and backstroke stroke development. Many swimmers in this group have participated in swim lessons and have been introduced to freestyle and backstroke as part of the Red Cross Swim-To-Learn program. To participate in Swim Team, swimmers must be able to comfortably swim one length of the pool as all events in this age group are 25 yards in length. Coaches are available to help assess your child if you are unsure of their qualification. They will continue developing those two strokes as well as exploring breaststroke and even some butterfly. Swimmers in this age group will also have the opportunity to compete in some of their very first races this season. At each Swim Meet the only events these swimmers will need to compete in are 25 yard races (1 lap) of freestyle.

Ages 7 and 8

This energetic group of swimmers will be exploring all four strokes with continued stroke development. These swimmers will have a more developed skill in freestyle and backstroke prior to the season. They will be further developing the stroke mechanics of breaststroke and butterfly. However, they will still be heavily focusing on freestyle and backstroke for most of their time. They will be introduced to flip turns as well as increasing their confidence in diving off of the blocks. They will not be swimming more than a 25 yard race (1 lap).

Ages 9 and 10

These all stars will be furthering their stroke development yet. The focus with this group still remains primarily around the technique for all four strokes; however, they will also be given sets and workouts to improve their endurance further than previous age groups. This more developed endurance will be necessary in meets when these swimmers will begin swimming 50 yard races (2 laps). Because of these longer races, turns will be essential and heavily practiced.

Ages 11 - 18

This experienced group of swimmers will be practicing together. Advanced stroke mechanics and drills will be introduced. Technique will be thoroughly focused on with increasing yards and sets throughout the season. They will be getting their heart rate up in preparation for the meets. Swimmers 11-14 years old will only be swimming 50 yard races; while 15-18 year old swimmers will be swimming a mix of 50 yard races and 100 yard race. All aspects of the race will be heavily worked on with a fine-tuned focus on critical techniques.

Advanced Practice

This practice is geared toward the swimmers that feel they can handle an extra hour of swimming before their scheduled practice. Less focus on drills with more focus on getting their heart rate up. More difficult sets will be written. This is for swimmers ages 9 and older. Ask a Coach about this practice if you have any questions. The Coaches will decide who they feel is able to handle this practice.