Tennis Lesson Descriptions


Racqueteers is a tennis program geared for players aged 3 to 5 to introduce the basic skills of tennis. The focus of the program will be to have fun hitting tennis balls while learning the fundamentals of stroke technique and court movement.

  • Court Size - 36'
  • Ball type - Red Foam / Felt

Level 1 Red

Level 1 Red is designed for players ages 5 - 8. This is the perfect opportunity for your child to learn the fundamentals of the sport. Lessons will focus on agility, balance, coordination of gross motor skills to accelerate skill development and basic stroke production needed to serve, rally and score. 

  • Court size - 36' 
  • Ball type - Red Felt

Level 2 Orange

Students (ages 7-10) should be shaping their skills in becoming more fundamentally sound in movement and technique to handle more advanced play on utilizing a larger court space. Students at this level can rally, and will begin to experiment adding different dimensions to their game: consistency, directional control, spin, and depth. Prior to graduating from Level 1, Orange players should be able to play the game demonstrating technical and tactical fundamentals. 

  • Court size - 60' 
  • Ball type - Orange

Level 3 Green

Level 3 Green is for students (ages 9-12) who can play and cover a full size court comfortably. Prior to graduating from Level 2, green players should have an understanding of how to play the game while being able to maintain their technique and fundamentals. At this stage students will be continuing to refine their technical and tactical fundamentals. 

  • Court size - 78' (full court)
  • Ball type - Green

Level 4

In Level 4 students (ages 11-18) should be intermediate to moderately advanced players. All aspects of the game will be covered including stroke production, footwork, strategies and tactics. Students in level 4 should have the ability to use and control all 5 dimensions of their game, consistency, depth, direction, spins, and speed at a competent level before moving on. 

  • Court size - 78' (full court)
  • Ball type - Yellow (standard ball) 

Level 5

The Level 5 class is for students (ages 13-18) who have all of the skill sets required in Level 4 and are more experienced with match and tournament play. Level 5 students will continue to polish and improve the skills needed for competitive player development. Students in this level should be competing in local tournaments, USTA, and/ or Varsity Tennis.

  • Court size - 78' (full court)
  • Ball size - Yellow (standard ball) 


The Novice program is ideal for students (ages 12 and up) that are "new" to the game. Students will learn to play with learning proper fundamentals though our game based approach. 

  • Court size - 78' (full court) 
  • Ball size - Yellow (standard ball)


Please email with any questions on the above descriptions.